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Más Detalles /詳細信息 / детали

Más Detalles /詳細信息 / детали

m2 parcela / 地面 / земля 700
m2 Útiles / 有用 308
Baños / 洗手 / Туалет ---
Habitaciones / 房 / Ном ---
Plantas / 廠 / расте ---


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Tourism - Hermitage of San Antonio de Abad

Descripción / 描 / кова

Total area of the property to be projected (Tourist Pousada)
- Land - tourist use (Posada) 308.95 m2
- First walk - tourist use (Posada) 276.40 m2
- Covered terraces - tourist use (Posada) the terraces are not covered ( x 0%) 118.50 m2 (x 0%)

Project Pousada de Turismo (em pré project). Maid with a totally differentiated concept, where there are 4 modular apartments, which can be transformed into 1, 2, 3 or 4 apartments with a total of 8 Suites, living room/kitchen/kitchen with 308 m2 divided into independent spaces or a single space 585, 35 m2 and 4 terraces with a total property of 118 m2 with a view of Serra de Gredos.
This model allows a high profitability of the space and total flexibility in the management of the occupation, for Tourism, Events, cinematographic production, etc.

Hermitage of San Antonio de Abad built in the fifteenth century (Arroyocastano) in Vila de Mombeltran, considered heritage belonging to the catalog of historical monuments, in the heart of Serra de Gredo, one of the most important tourism regions in Castilla e León, less than 2 hours from Madrid.
Mombeltan and Serra de Gredos, are known for being a historical region with an enormous presence of monuments, Roman roads, winter sports resorts, lakes, tracking, canoeing, excellent gastronomy and traditions, etc.
It has a strong tourist influx every month two years and is located in an enclave 30 minutes from Ávila Capital with a unique and preferential location.

The Hermitage is sold in the pre-project, where all the pre-approvals passed, from the Territorial Commission of the Cultural Heritage of the Territorial Delegation of the Heritage of Ávila, (Tourism, Archaeology, Urbanism, etc. ), Territorial Commission for the Environment and Urban Planning of the Territorial Delegation of Ávila, Mombeltrán Municipal Chamber (Archaeology Section, Historical Heritage Section).

The tourist use and the Posada category are authorized by several entities.

Localización / 地 / месн

Avila, Castilla y Leon
Cordenadas geográficas: (40.24838845840935, -5.019276982901283)
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